Article II Workgroup Recommends Funding For Women's Health

February 21, 2013

Senator Jane Nelson announced her strong support for adding $100 million to the base budget for women’s health services – one of several recommendations adopted today by the Senate Finance Committee’s Article II Workgroup, chaired by Senator Nelson.

"It’s time for us to unite behind solutions we can all agree are in the best interest of keeping Texas women healthy. I believe in the power of prevention, and our plan will ensure that Texas women have access to the best possible preventive services such as cancer screenings," Senator Nelson said. "In addition to making this investment, it is important that we grow our network of providers, expand access for women in rural communities and recognize that family planning is a critical component of our efforts to support the health of Texas women."

SB 1, the base budget, currently contains approximately $114 million for women's health. The workgroup recommended adding $100 million for women's health via the Community Primary Care Services Program.

The work group on Article II, which funds the state's health and human services budget, is still finalizing its full recommendations, which will be formally presented to the Senate Finance Committee.