Emergency Leave Bill Approved By Senate Finance Committee

March 6, 2017

The Senate Finance Committee has approved SB 73, filed by Senator Nelson,  to address the use of emergency leave by state employees.

“This bill will prevent abuses of emergency leave policies at our state agencies," Senator Nelson said. "We must ensure that emergency leave is reserved for actual emergencies and that taxpayer dollars are being used responsibly."

The bill, which now moves to the full Senate for further consideration, will require agencies to have a policy governing employee leave and posted to the agency website; limits the discretion of an agency head to only grant emergency leave to employees they believe will return after that leave period, and report any employees who were granted more than 32 hours of emergency leave to the comptroller; and requires the Comptroller adopts a policy to include standardized accounting codes as a part of the centralized accounting and payroll system or any successor system.