Final Statistics On SB 1 Testimony

July 9, 2013

Following are final statistics for the registered testimony on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing on Senate Bill 1.


  • In total, 3,863 people registered testimony, with 1,780 registering for the bill, 2,076 against and 7 as neutral.
  • 477 people registered to provide oral testimony, of whom 357 actually provided oral testimony. Of those who provided oral testimony, 137 people registered for the bill, with 218 against. There were 2 neutral resource witnesses from the Department of State Health Services. 
  • 514 people provided written testimony to the committee, including those who also gave oral testimony. Of those who provided written testimony, 105 people registered for the bill, with 407 against. 2 people provided neutral written testimony. 
  • 3,155 people provided registering-only testimony, of whom 1,577 registered for the bill, 1,575 against, and 3 as neutral.


"Again I would thank everyone for participating in their state government and for providing their opinions on this important piece of legislation," said Senator Jane Nelson. "We had a successful hearing where everyone was given an opportunity to have their voice heard, and I am proud of the people of Texas for their courteous and respectful behavior."