House Approves Bill Creating Health Care Compact

May 2, 2011

House Approves Legislation Creating Health Care Compact

The House of Representatives has approved legislation -- which Senator Nelson will sponsor in the Senate -- authorizing Texas' participation in an interstate compact to free Texas from burdensome federal restrictions on health care.  Under the legislation, Texas will join with other states to seek a waiver from the federal government, allowing member states to make decisions regarding health care delivery without federal interference.  "What's good for Massachusetts isn't always good for Texas, which is why states need more independence in the way we deliver health care," Senator Nelson said.  Texans pay 8.4 percent of all federal tax receipts, yet the state receives 6.8 percent of Medicaid dollars. 

Redistricting Plans Available for Public Viewing

Legislators and advocacy organizations have formally submitted their proposals for new legislative maps under consideration by the Legislature.  For those who are new to the process, redistricting occurs after the national census to ensure that elected officials in Congress, the Legislature and the State Board of Education represent roughly the same number of people.  "We must uphold the one-person, one-vote principle and draw maps that are fair and legal," Senator Nelson said.  To view proposed maps, visit  Click on "select maps" and sort by the type of map you are interested in viewing.

Senate Turns Back Proposal for State Board of Education Sunset Review

Senator Nelson spoke out against an amendment to the Sunset scheduling bill that would have placed the State Board of Education under the Legislature's Sunset process.  Sunset requires periodic reviews of state agencies, which can be abolished unless the Legislature votes that they should continue.  Senator Nelson argued that an elected board is accountable directly to the voters.  "If Texans want to see changes in the State Board of Education, then they have every right to do that at the ballot box," she said.

Senate Passes Resolution to Seek Cost Analysis of Border Security

The Senate passed a resolution co-authored by Senator Nelson calling on Congress to provide the Texas Legislature a cost analysis of the exact funding necessary to fully enforce all immigration laws in Texas and to report on the status of those funds. "The federal government imposes mandates on our state related to non-citizens, but fails to provide the funding and manpower needed to effectively enforce laws against illegal immigration."