Senate Concurs On Graduate Medical Education Legislation

May 26, 2015

The Texas Senate today concurred on amendments made in the Texas House of Representatives for SB 18 by Senator Jane Nelson to address Texas' medical workforce needs by expanding graduate medical education. The bill is now sent to the Governor's desk. 

"This bill will continue our state's commitment to growing our medical workforce," said Senator Nelson. "This bill will help us reach our goal of a 1.1 to 1 ratio of residency slots for medical school graduates, helping us to retain not only our own graduates, but also attract graduates from other states to Texas and address critical shortages."

The bill, which was amended in the House, will grow our state's physician workforce, particularly in critical shortage areas by:

  • Encouraging entities, such as rural community clinics, to provide new residency programs by allowing them to partner with schools and hospitals to navigate the accreditation process;
  • Combining and streamlining the existing residency expansion programs, putting an emphasis on geographic and specialty shortages; and
  • Creating a permanent fund which lays the foundation for a long-term solution to ensure our graduate medical education slots keep pace with our growing population and greater number of medical school graduates expected in the future.