Senate Finance Committee Approves SB 20

March 19, 2015

The Senate Finance Committee today approved SB 20 by Senator Jane Nelson to reform state contracting practices and strengthen contract oversight across state government. The bill will now move before the full Senate.

"We need to get a firm handle on contracting across state government, not only because they involve taxpayer dollars but because the delivery of services depends on it," said Senator Nelson. "I see this as a critical component to produce a responsible budget. For our budget to work, we need to ensure that every dollar we put into a contract is done so fairly, transparently and efficiently."

The bill, which was substituted in committee, includes several new provisions including:

  • Requiring agencies to participate in the Comptroller’s Centralized Accounting and Personnel/Payments System (CAPPS) to begin centralized tracking of all contracts in lieu of agencies creating their own databases;
  • Requiring the Comptroller to study the feasibility and cost of centralizing contracting; and
  • Closes the revolving door between vendor and agency employees for two years.

These provisions are in addition to other provisions already included in the bill to prevent conflicts of interest between agencies and vendors; increase public disclosure and reporting of contracts; require further accountability for contracts; and limit the amount of contracts that can be accomplished through cooperative contracts.