Senate Passes Supplemental Budget HB 2

May 26, 2015

The Texas Senate today passed HB 2, sponsored by Senator Jane Nelson which provides supplemental appropriations for the current 2014-2015 budget. 

"The nature of our budget requires us to estimate what our needs will be for the next two years, and then align our budget with the fiscal reality," said Senator Nelson. "This bill will help our retired teachers, who deserve our support for their invaluable service to this state. It also includes adjustments that both save the state money and ensure that we are living up to our responsibilities in the current budget."

HB 2, by Representative John Otto, R-Dayton, includes $768 million for TRS-Care, the state's health care plan for retired teachers, as well as $75.5 million to continue Medicaid through the end of FY 2015. HB 2 also includes $40.4 million in funding, along with $17 million in capital budget authority, for operations that have helped to secure our border.

HB 2 will now return to the Texas House of Representatives for further consideration.