Senate Unanimously Passes Blue Mound, Grapevine Legislation

May 15, 2013

The Texas Senate today unanimously passed two bills sponsored by Texas State Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, on the local and uncontested calendar. One bill, HB 1160, would allow City of Blue Mound to take over its water utility and provide relief to residents from exorbitant water rates imposed by its water utility monopoly.  

"I am very happy to know that my constituents, who have been gouged with exorbitant, unjustified rates will have an opportunity for relief," said Senator Nelson. "The people of Blue Mound, who have been trapped by a monopoly, now have a way out."

The bill, which was originally authored by Texas State Representative Charlie Geren, R-River Oaks now returns to the House of Representatives where changes between the House and Senate versions will be discussed and agreed upon before being sent to the Governor for his signature.

The Senate also unanimously passed HB 2536, which gives Grapevine representation on the Fort Worth Transportation Authority's board. "As The T begins planning to add Grapevine in their service area, it is important there is local representation on the board," said Senator Nelson. The bill will now go to the governor's desk for his signature.