Senator Nelson Appointed to Medicaid Panel

January 20, 2012

Texas State Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, today was appointed to participate in a major interim study focusing on the state's Medicaid system.  

She will serve on the Medicaid Reform Waiver Legislative Oversight Committee, which will help guide the state's effort to obtain a federal waiver affording Texas greater flexibility in the way it administers Medicaid.  The committee was established through SB 7, the omnibus health care efficiency bill authored by Senator Nelson in the last legislative session.

"Medicaid costs continue to climb at an unsustainable pace, in part because of federal restrictions that do not take into account the unique challenges we face as a large, diverse border state," Senator Nelson said.  "If given the opportunity, Texas can design a more efficient program that meets the needs of our citizens and makes the best possible use of our limited resources. That is the goal of our waiver request." 

The panel must file a report and make policy recommendations prior to the next legislative session.  To follow the progress of this and other committees, visit, where you may watch live feeds or sign up to receive meeting notices.