Senator Nelson's Capitol Digest

February 6, 2015

Senate Finance Committe Begins Hearings on SB 2
This week, the Senate Finance Committee began public hearings on SB 2, the Senate's version of the budget. The Committee heard testimony on Article 1 (General Government) and Article IV (The Judiciary). The hearings will continue the next three weeks, and the Committee will hear testimony from each state agency as well as the public. "I greatly appreciate everyone who testified before our committee this week. The input we received will help tremendously as we develop a budget that meets our needs," Senator Nelson said. To watch online, please visit the Senate's website.

Senator Nelson Named NFIB Guardian of Small Business 
This week Senator Nelson received the Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Small Business, the association's highest honor. Senator Nelson earned a 100% voting record with NFIB during the 83rd Legislative Session ranging on issues related to the state's franchise tax, to curtailing government regulations on employers. "As a small business owner who grew our family business from humble beginnings to a company with over 300 employees, it is a great honor to receive this award," said Senator Nelson. "I want to thank the National Federation of Small Businesses not only for this recognition, but for all of the work they do on behalf of Texas businesses, and I look forward to working with them this session to make our state an even better place to start and grow a business."

TMA First Tuesday
The Texas Medical Association began its "First Tuesdays" campaign at the Capitol this week. Senator Nelson presented a resolution honoring the contributions of our state's physicians and medical students. "For the last eight sessions, TMA members from around the state have visited the Capitol for 'First Tuesdays,' wearing their white coats," said Senator Nelson. "They make a visible impression as they walk the halls to meet their Senators and representatives and discuss not just the concerns of their professions, but how they can best serve their patients and the people of Texas."

First Senate Budget Brought to Finance Committee
This week the State Library and Archives Commission brought the first state budget to originate in the Texas Senate with them to their Senate Finance Committee hearing. The budget, which is handwritten and just six pages long, was passed during the 4th Regular Session in 1852. Senator Nelson took a photo with the document, which is posted on her Facebook page. To see the photo, as well as others throughout system, please "like" her on Facebook