The Texas Legislature meets in regular session for 140 days in every odd-numbered year, in accordance with the Texas Constitution. The framers envisioned a citizen legislature that would adhere to the principles of limited government, meeting for a short period of time in order to pass a 2-year budget, consider legislative revisions and then go home to live and work under the laws they pass.

The governor has the authority to call the Legislature into a special session that can last no longer than 30 days. Only items specified by the governor may be considered in a special session.

The next regular session of the Texas Legislature began January 10, 2017 and conclude May 29, 2017.

  • Bill Tracking

    Texas Legislature Online -
    Texas Senate Online -
    Bill Status Hotline - 1-877-824-7038
    E-mail notification - (click on My TLO)
  • Tips for Communicating With Legislators

    Every office handles communication from citizens differently. Some offices do not accept e-mail. Some do not respond until after the legislative session. One rule is true throughout the Legislature. Legislative courtesy requires that each legislator be allowed to assist their own constituents. Translation: most likely you will only receive responses from the Senator and Representative who represent your area. However, if you simply want to drop a note of encouragement, you may contact any legislator in the following manner:

    Texas State Senators
    The Honorable (first, last)
    P.O. Box 12068
    Austin, TX 78711
  • Tips for Communicating with Senator Nelson

    Senator Nelson personally reads every e-mail, fax, letter and phone message that comes into her office. However, responses are prioritized for residents of Senate District 12 who request a response. Even though correspondence has doubled in each session in which she has served, Senator Nelson responds to all constituents. While some members do not accept e-mail due to the large amount of spam and form letters, Senator Nelson prefers e-mail correspondence because it is the quickest way to receive input from constituents. To ensure that your e-mail is given the highest degree of importance, please end every e-mail with your name, home address and identify yourself as a constituent in Senate District 12.