AUSTIN – Texas State Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, filed four bills today, including legislation to safeguard personal data, support survivors of domestic violence and promote efficiency at our state agencies.

No Selling of Personal Data
: SB 16 prevents state agencies from selling or disseminating an individual's personal data without written consent. Additionally, this bill clarifies that an agency may not require consent in exchange for services provided by the agency. "Our agencies are in possession of highly sensitive personal data, and they have a duty to protect it," Senator Nelson said. "Texans should not have to worry about their personal data being sold or shared with third parties without permission."

Document Access for Domestic Violence
: SB 798 makes it easier for survivors of domestic violence to obtain a new copy of their birth certificate and a state ID at no cost by amending the Health and Safety Code as well as the Transportation Code. "Survivors of domestic violence may not have time to grab personal identification documents when fleeing dangerous living situations. SB 798 supports survivors by making it easier to obtain the appropriate documents — at no cost — so they can focus on healing and moving forward with a fresh start."

Contracting Cleanups
: SB 799 cleans up procurement statutes to simplify training for state agency employees and, in some circumstances, provides greater flexibility for agencies to streamline the contracting process. The bill also aligns procurement thresholds with the General Appropriation Act. "This is primarily a clean-up bill to align statute with our state budget, standardize contracting thresholds and improve procurement training across state government," Senator Nelson said.

Obsolete Reports: SB 800 streamlines agency reporting requirements. This legislation repeals obsolete reports, reduces the frequency of some reports, and redirects certain reports to relevant recipients as recommended by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. "Agencies should be focusing their time, energy and taxpayer dollars on serving the people of Texas — not producing reports that no one reads. This bill streamlines resources by eliminating redundant or obsolete reporting requirements."

Lawmakers may file legislation through March 12, 2021. Previous bills filed by Senator Nelson can be found here.

SENATOR JANE NELSON represents District 12, including portions of Tarrant and Denton Counties. She is Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the highest-ranking Republican in the Texas Senate.

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